We Can Rebuild It. Better. Stronger. Faster.

So this happened:



Then this happened:


Death Star II


And now some fun facts about the Death Star II (via Wookieepedia):

1) It’s over five times larger than the original (a greater capacity for evil)

2) The planet-destroying superlaser recharges in 3 minutes versus the 24 hours its predecessor took (quicker turnaround equals increased productivity)

3) All gaps in the shields have now been eliminated so even the smallest ships can’t fly through (that means no entry for you and your X-Wing)

4) That pesky, meters wide exhaust vent has been replaced by millions of tiny, millimeter-sized tubes scattered across the station’s surface (all the midi-chlorians in the galaxy won’t help your proton torpedos squeeze through)

5) Though still under construction, the Death Star II is fully operational (you just can’t tell by looking at it)

My own shield generators are still trying to reach full power. I’m fending off Ewoks as best I can.

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