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Everybody Hurts

Everybody Hurts is a song written and sung brilliantly by REM.  It really does have to do with this blog. Normally, I wouldn’t write a blog about how deeply I am feeling at the moment, and I’m not 100% positive … Continue reading

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“A bond of trust  Has been abused  Something of value  May be lost  Give up your job  Squander your cash – be rash  Just hold on to your friends “   – HOLD ON TO YOUR FRIENDS by MORRISSEY Friendship … Continue reading

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If I could Turn Back Time

Although the words to a great CHER song, this is about the talk of going back and doing things over again, differently, or doing them exactly the same way if you are living in Glory Days. I hear people talk … Continue reading

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The Difference Of A Year

A lot of things can change in a year.  People we know and love may disappear, through death or just going off the grid.  We age. We change.  Things change. One year ago, Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana, was … Continue reading

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