The Ballad of Luke Skywalker, A New Hope

This was ENTRY 64: March 5, 2007.  That was the year that I blogged every day for a year on  I made some great friends through that.  Some I have met, many I haven’t, but this was a great exercise.  I also wrote one for The Empire Strikes Back (to come soon) and I have most of the one for Return Of The Jedi on paper somewhere.  I need to find it and finish it.


In the Outer Rim world of Tatooine

Lived a boy that would rather just not be seen.

He lived all his days looking far far away

He didn’t know his father had once been a slave.


He wandered the same areas as his father before him

He’d never known the Jedi called Qui-Gon Jin.

He never knew why he was watched over by Ben

He never knew the Jedi would rise once again.


To Anchorhead he would daily report

To hang out with his friends in this outer world port.

His best friend in the world was a fellow named Biggs

A moisture farm is where Luke called his digs


Living out there with Owen and Beru

It didn’t seem odd drinking milk that was blue

Along came the droids to help out with the chores

But with all that help he’d still have to stay just one season more.


A glitch within R2 and the holograph shone

Other desperates out there, he wasn’t alone

The image pleaded for help from a Jedi back when

He then said aloud, “I wonder if she means old Ben”


R2 went roaming to find Obi-Wan

If not found, his troubles would be more than a ton

Across the vast wastelands went the boy and his droid

In his landspeeder they quickly crossed over the void


Finding the little droid marked in their scope

3PO and his new master gathered new hope

The feeling of dread shot into his nerves

As he spotted the Bantha of the Tusken Raiders


One sprung up before him no one else was around

The force of its hit sent 3PO to the ground

They dragged Luke back to the speeder to start looking for goods

They hadn’t looked but a minute when a sound changed their mood


The call of the dragon from far over there

Was a threat that none of the Tuskens could bear

The source of the sound made R2 look once, then again

For over the landscape came none other than the old hermit Ben.



He checked on the boy said hello to the droid

He helped Luke back up and then grew paranoid

The Tuskens are easily frightened you see

But they’ll return soon in numbers far greater than three


Back to Ben’s dwelling they went along course

It was there Luke first heard of the Ways Of The Force

His father had once been a grand Jedi warrior

Until he was cut down by another who had changed his behavior


Darth Vader destroyed the last of the Jedi

It was during this crusade Obi-Wan had to hide

Come with me and learn the Force and its ways

This was your fathers weapon from more civilized days


Luke hit the button, the blade sprung with a hum

This weapon is powerful, be careful young one.

You must come with me, to Alderan, of course

I will teach you and show you the ways of the Force.


Alderan is still such a long ways away

My uncle, he needs me, this is where I must stay

I can take you to Anchorhead it’s close by, you’ll see

There you can get transport in to Mos Eisley.


You must do what you feel must seem right, but of course

No one can go against the will of the Force

As they left old Ben’s cavern a sight filled Luke with dread

The Jawas that sold them the droids were now dead


If they traced the droids to the Jawas they’d soon be at Luke’s home

When he arrived he found he was truly alone

Owen and Beru lay dead on the ground

The terror so vast, Luke could not make a sound


Everyone’s gone. There’s nothing left for me here

I’ll come with you and help fight and show that I care

To Mos Eisley we’ll go watch your step, it’s quite violent

That’s our best bet for a ship and it’s pilot


In the streets the Empire is fast at its chore

But these aren’t the droids that you’re looking for

The Force can be used to make senses blinded

Especially on those who are known as weakminded



In the bar Luke encountered beasts of all kinds

But one pair hid not what they felt in their minds

Diplomatic at first to keep Luke out of harm

Soon igniting the weapon, the pair Ben did disarm


The Wookiee Chewbacca led them back to a table

We need passage to Alderaan if your ship is quite able

You never heard of the Falcon old man?

It’ll get you ‘cross systems faster than any ship can.


I’ll meet you at Docking Bay Number 94

Best get going we’ve got Imp Troopers at the door.

As Han started to leave he was forced to sit back down

By Greedo a soldier for the big man in town


Greedo started to push just a little too much

To be safe Han pulled the blaster so used to his touch.

The threats came along in quick short little bursts

But we all know that Han Solo really shot first.


At the bay with his ship, Jabba stood with his men

He wouldn’t let Solo get away once again.

But the promise of money much more than was owed

Made Jabba glaze over but a threat he bestowed


If I don’t get my money a price on your head

Makes no difference to me if you’re alive or you’re dead

Han bowed as he left to start boarding his ship

When Stormtroopers came in to stop this little trip


They blasted their way out into space

It was there that the Imperials started their chase.

Can’t you out run them you said this was a fast ship

I’m calculating lightspeed, kid, so button your lip.


As they flew through the stars Han took repair notes

Luke was with Ben trying to fend off a remote

With the blast shield down he could not see a thing

When he’d get hit with a bolt, you just knew it would sting


They flew and he practiced who knows for how long

When Ben had to sit down as he felt something was wrong

A pain as though thousands in anguish cried out

Something terrible has happened there can’t be any doubt



On with your practices, Ben said with a smile

Learning the Force isn’t easy, it does takes a while.

As the alarms started beeping, Han slowed down with care

When they came out of hyperspace, Alderan was not there.


We’ve hit meteors but they shouldn’t be here

They’re not on the map, am I making it clear?

Alderan isn’t here, it’s been blown away

I’m tellin’ you something, here I’ll not stay.


A TIE fighter trying to get back to its base.

How did it end up alone out in space?

It’s heading for that moon! What in tarnation?

That thing’s not a moon it’s a giant space station!


Han tried to reverse but the ship wouldn’t go

We’re caught in their tractor beam, they have us in tow.

They’re not going to get me without a good fight

I’m shuttin’ her down, everyone hold on tight.


Would you fight if you knew it’s a fight you can’t win

Some things are too strong you must simply give in.

You are a smuggler you’re fast on your feet

We don’t have to surrender nor do we retreat.


The smuggling compartments look just like the floors

I’ll hide with my friends and you hide there with yours

Tell Chewbacca not to growl or breathe very hard

With fortune we’ll catch the Imperials off guard.


The searchers found nothing but a false log on the shelf

I never thought I’d use these for smuggling myself.

The second team came with their heavy equipment

They were caught unaware by the uncovered shipment


Hey down there can you give us a hand

The scanners so heavy we need at least one more man.

Two went aboard what happened next we’re not sure

Out came Luke and Han in their Stormtrooper armor


In to the gantry they took the guards down

They took off their helmets and looked all around.

R2 came up with the tractor beam grid

It told how to disarm it, well, 3PO did.



Ben went off looking for the tractor beam tower

He hoped it would be easy as a lever named Power.

When R2 found the princess the computer did say

She’s in 1-1-3-8 and they’re going to kill her today.


To rescue the princess, Luke came up with a plan

I’ll put these on Chewbacca or perhaps you should Han.

Don’t worry Chewie I see what’s in his mind

Marching into the detention block won’t be a good time.


Where are you taking this thing asked the guard

With that Chewie broke loose and hit him quite hard.

They shot all the crew, the cameras and more

Luke ran up the cellblock to find her prison door.


Aren’t you much shorter than a trooper should be?

I’m here with your droids and Ben Kenobi!

You’ve managed to cut off our only escape route

Get out of here flyboy and into the chute.


A garbage chute princess what a wonderful smell

I’m thinkin’ we should have left you back up in your cell.

Something grabbed Luke and pulled him under the water

Help me look, princess, you’ll be my spotter.


It just let him go Han said with a grin

It didn’t last long as the walls moved on in.

As Luke called for the droids 3PO looked disheveled

Shut down all the mashers on the detention level.


Once out of the peril the captives did run

You came in that thing she said spotting the Falcon

You are certainly brave, braver more than I thought

I’m sorry it’s a freighter, princess, not a royal yacht.


As Han chased after some stormies, Luke and Leia ran

Ben was sneaking to the tower as only Ben can.

Ben scooted across the small narrow ridge

While Luke had just blasted the controls to the bridge.


Here is a kiss, a kiss for good luck

Let’s swing across and hope the rope stuck.

They ran to the Falcon, the princess, he’d saved her

But he looked to one side to see Ben fighting Darth Vader.



A duel between forces one good and one bad

Luke had no idea Ben was fighting his dad.

Ben looked at Luke and with a sly cocked smile

He knew he had succeeded keeping Darth busy a while.


Luke shot several troopers he really had no other choice

When he heard Run Luke Run but it was Ben’s voice.

He got in the Falcon the pain tearing inside

No time for mourning, here came the next tide.


TIE fighters approaching, here they come

Hurry up kid get up to your guns

They shot down one and then two, three and four

Before they knew had happened, the TIEs were no more.


Let’s get these droids to your Rebel friends

I can’t wait for this mission to come to an end

What are they carrying, Han motioned to ‘R’

Inside are the plans to that horrid Death Star.


I only hope that a weakness soon can be found

Or else the Empire will keep gaining ground.

Let’s head off to Yavin, the fourth of its moons

We’re based in the remains of an old temple’s ruins.


Hello Captain we’ve no time for our sorrow

I hope inside of R2 some time we can borrow.

Look over the readouts and all of the plans

We must be ready to do all that we can.


So you got your reward and you’re off now, that ends it

What good is a reward if you ain’t around to spend it.

Come with us kid, you’re pretty good in a fight

I have to stay here, Han, I know this is right.


As Luke left Han shouted, May the Force Be With You

I hope it looks over you and all that you do.

As Luke continued to walk he saw Biggs, his best friend

I told you I’d make someday in the end!


Oh Biggs have I stories, so many to tell,

The conversation was cut short by the new Rebel Yell

All crew to your ships, right now do report

We’ve got to get out there and protect the fort



I’ll hear all your stories when we’re done with our fight

I’ll stay up and I’ll listen to those stories all night.

The ships they all lifted on up to the skies

The ships named after letters, the Xs and Ys.


Red Group Gold Group please report in

We’re attacking the Death Star though our chances are slim.

We’ll give them a fight like they’ve never seen

We’ll take it right to them and that b@$t@rd machine.


They’re defenses are made for a full scale attack

Our snub nose fighters are much smaller than that

They can’t fend us off using standard warfare

They must come to us, face to face, up here in the air.


They’re taking us down, we’ve lost Tiree, lost Dutch

Our damage to the Death Star isn’t amounting to much.

Into the trench, we must soon reach our mark

More star systems will join us if this erupts into sparks.


Flying the trench the target’s in sight

Looks like they’ve got nothing they’re not going to fight

Then back in the distance Darth Vader appears

Taking out all three Y-Wings, you know he did sneer.


It’s now up to the X-Wings, Well, Luke don’t you know

He sped toward the trench in the surface below.

Into the trench Luke had no real choice

Then all at once he heard old Ben’s voice.


Trust your feelings my young one this I say to you

Though the target is only a meter times two.

Don’t trust your eyes, let the Force be your guide

Your aim will be true you will not be denied.


With Vader approaching too quick from the rear

Wedge if you’re hit then go, get out of here

Leave it to me and to Biggs my dear friend

The two flaming stars will bring this to an end.


Vader downed Biggs and then R2 was hit

Luke stared more intent, this was going to be it.

Just when Vader had him dead to his rights

There came a blast from above, but still out of sight



You really can’t think I’d let you go it alone

Now blast this thing kid so we all can go home

The planet’s in range, commander, fire at will

The Rebellion will be wiped out with this massive kill


Luke’s proton torpedoes flew straight and flew true

Luke, remember, the Force will always be with you.

Right to the shaft the torpedo went in

The day of the Empire had come to an end


The Rebellion was saved and the heroes were honored

Darth Vader flew off, this defeat he must ponder.

One small individual, the Rebellion he saved

In that galaxy we know, far, far away.

About Jennifer

She grew up in an Indiana town Had a good-lookin' mama who never was around But she grew up tall and she grew up right With them Indiana boys on them Indiana nights Well, there are partial truths above. Being from Indiana, I did grow up in an Indiana town. I did not have a good lookin mama, but she was always around.'I did not grow up tall, but I suppose I grew up right. I spent lots of time with Indiana boys on Indiana nights. It's because I was one. Still am in some ways. Certainly not in others. My transitional journey has begun. Goodbye to my male self and hello to this wonderfully feminine world in which I was meant to live. At the age of 45, I am beginning my true journey to self and home.
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