Sarah says: I’m gay and I write stuff. Currently I live in southern California. A psychologist once gave me a Rorschach test and it said I show signs of mild schizophrenia. I don’t believe these results, but I think some of the voices in my head do.

Jennifer says: I’m a girl. Well, sort of. I’m a girl by choice, by design, by nature. Nature made the huge mistake of putting my brain and emotions in the body of a scrawny man. Damn stupid nature. I’m a Gemini, so I guess my dual personality is justified. I live in Indiana and have been trying to escape its clutches most of my life. Almost made it once. Will make it out of here. I simply must. Both of me know this to be true.

4 Responses to About

  1. Juliet Femme says:

    I do like the blogs,which are so interesting and i feel i am in a similar position.By reading these it makes me think very hard,about my future.I came via link from PINKessence.Look forward to reading more.Thank you from Juliet.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you Juliet. I hope to see you pop over here often, though I will certainly see you over at Pink Essence.

  2. Skeggjold says:

    (pardon me)
    I was doing search on topics in WP (costume). Led me to your page here. You are really attractive. Just wanted to say that.

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