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I would have never put the two together, until this morning. I was watching an episode from Season 3 and started noticing how, in each season, he has let someone in to his secret world. I couldn’t understand why. Then … Continue reading

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A much lighter fare

YES!  No reference to a song, unless there is one out there somewhere with this line in it.  I hope not. This is a great day out from a couple weeks ago. My daughter and I had recently gone through … Continue reading

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I was born this way Part One

Not a reference to Lady Gaga, but a response to one of the most asked questions of a trans-woman.  “Why are you like this?”  “Why do you do this?” Most of the time this question comes from a good place. … Continue reading

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Between the lines of gender

Life between genders is rough.  One day living as a woman, the next as a man.  This is a blog to look at how things are separated and the emotions are totally different on the days after being Jenn.  Also … Continue reading

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Clothes make the (wo)man

The saying has always been, “Clothes make the man.”  I suppose what they say is true, from a certain point of view (get the connection and when a prize). One of the toughest things about being between genders is a … Continue reading

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There’s a bathroom on the right.

Besides being a misinterpreted line from Creedance Clearwater Revival’s BAD MOON RISING (there’s a bad moon on the rise), it leads beautifully into this short snippet of a blog entry. As a non-op TG, it is always a tough decision … Continue reading

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